Visitor Analytics

visitor analytics
Comprehensive data on visitors to your website. Learn how visitors find you, what their interests are, how engaged they are with your website, where they come from what software and platforms they are using.

Discover which visitors are your most profitable and where they came from. Just because they’re new visitors, don’t assume they arrive on your site by the same path.

Find out exactly which of your web pages are the most profitable and why so that you can replicate the success factor on your other pages.

Want to decrease your web pages bounce rate? Add an attractive link to your page. Link to an audio or video play button or to another relevant page. Your bounce rate decreases when your visitor takes an action on the page they’ve landed on.

Find out how long your visitors are staying on each page and use this data to figure out what pages you need to optimize and how to optimize it.

Learn your average visitor rate from each various traffic source  and discover which sources send you the best traffic.

Speaking of analyzing traffic, now you can find out where you should focus most of your traffic generation efforts. It might not all be coming from Google.

Want to find out if your social media efforts are working? Now you can without question, and you can start by swiping your competitors tactics.

Discover what countries your visitors are coming from.  You might not have even thought to look for traffic from anywhere else, but this data might just change your mind.

Are your visitors viewing your site from their desktop computers or on their mobile devices? This one little bit of information alone could prove to be your entire competitive advantage.

Reports in this section include;

  • Unique visitor
  • Page view
  • Bounce rate
  • Average stay time
  • Average visit
  • Traffic analysis
  • Top referrer
  • New & returning visitor
  • Content overview
  • Country & browser report
  • OS & device report
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