Membership Access

WebSpyTools operates on two platforms – the application suite of web spying tools and the information, support and training platform (that you are on now).

When you first join up you will automatically and instantly provided with access to the application suite. You will receive your payment confirmation and access details by email so watch out for those details. If they are slow coming please check your spam filter before contacting us. Once you have application access you can begin to use the tools available at your membership level without restriction.

Soon after you will be granted membership to the information, support and training site (this one) and will receive membership access details by email. Once again if this information is slow coming please check your spam filter before contacting us. When you’re logged in you will have detailed access to the purpose and functions of all the toolkit items, plus advice on how to use the information that you can access to your benefit.

Both sections of the WebSpyTools suite have facility to reset your password if you forget or wish to make them both the same.

For help at any time, whether you are a member or not, please use the Help desk (Members > Help).

WebSpyTools Launched

Today our web analytics, SEO and traffic performance service is publicly online and open to customers.

WebSpyTools is a massive collection of web analytic tools that will help you gather information about your own websites performance and that of your competitors. Armed with this infomration we also show you how to analyses it quickly and take action to dominate your market niche with traffic.

There is a lot of theory and discussion accompanying this subject. Our aim is to cut through all that and just give you the essential information you need to analyse, decide and act.

WebSpyTools is designed and presented as a DIY web analytics and SEO service with a healthy focus on fast positive outcomes.

You will need to spend a regular amount of time every week on this aspect of your online business. We suggest an hour, perhaps in two sessions.

The power of analytics is in knowing how to interpret and act on the information obtained. WebSpyTools can give you very good data, and our basic training is short sharp and to the point so that you can get good results fast.

If you want to dig deeper and build your online strength at more points and deeper levels, then our in depth training SEO training program will guide you through the more intricate levels of high performance website traffic generation. It’s hard work and requires much more effort, but the outcomes are always multiples of your inputs. It’s a good investment.

If you recognise the value of analytics and want great SEO and traffic dominance, but can’t afford to spend your time on it, our SEO experts are ready to take your project and do it for you. Let us chart you course to success and put in the hard yards for your online business.